Aerotoxic syndrome

Aerotoxic syndrome is a collective name for health-related problems assumed to be caused by breathing harmful air.

The diagnostic possibilities are the following:

  • DNA-test for detoxification (blood)
  • TCP metabolites (urine)
  • Organophosphate solubles (urine)
  • Organophosphate metabolites (urine)

The reason that we are trying to confirm if there are organophosphates, is because their toxicity have been proven and they can cause neurological problems. Tricresylphosphate, also called TCP, is an organophosphate and thusly harmful for the human body. TCP is standardly used in fuel for airplanes. The TCP metabolites-test, organophosphate solubles & metabolites-tests are developed to detect these kinds of substances in urine.

The possibility of  aerotoxic syndrome prevention .

Unfortunately, Pro Health Medical cannot help with the prevention. What we can do is research and test whether or not toxic substances were released and what effects they have on the body, for example, we also test for heavy metals.

DNA test for detoxification

The DNA test works a bit differently. With this test we do not specifically search for the harmful substances, but examine in what capacity the body is capable of breaking down substances like organophosphates. To give an example: there are people whose bodies can break down alcohol quite well resulting in them hardly having any drinking-related problems at all, however there are also people who get sick the day after. The liver has trouble sufficiently processing the alcohol causing it to accumulate which in turn leads to a reaction from the body. The same goes for organophosphates.

Other tests related to Aerotoxic Syndrome

There are a couple of different tests we can perform/carry out to confirm that TCP was released.

  • SamplerCard®
  • Wipes / Pads
  • White T-Shirt test

SamplerCard®: this will be placed directly below the air current of a ventilation outlet. Afterwards it will be possible to determine whether TCP was released.

Wipes / Pads: these wipes can be used to wipe down surfaces. Afterwards these wipes can be tested for TCP and isomers.

White T-shirt test: an unwashed white T-shirt. It is important that it is packaged immediately after a fume-event.

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