Tick testing for Borrelia

More and more people are getting bitten by a tick. A tick-bite doesn’t immediately mean you’re infected by bacteria. But if you want to test the tick, you can send the tick to laboratory Pro Health Medical for tick testing for Borrelia or co-infections.

Testing for a Lyme infection remains one of the difficult areas in the current field of diagnostics.
After a tick bite, it is not possible to directly test the human blood for Lyme. Have you found a tick and would you like to have it researched for Borrelia? Ticks found on animals can be sent in as well.

Please download our labform here and send this together with the tick to our lab.



  • Remove the tick as quickly as possible without turning and damaging the tick. Do not squeeze the tick, this increases the chance of infection.
  • Use a tickspoon, tickpen, tickhook or tickcard.
  • Do not use oil, alcohol or fire, this increases the chance of infection.
  • After removing the tick, clean and disinfect the wound with alcohol (70%) or iodine.
  • Note the date and place of tick-bite on the body.
  • Do not wrap the tick in tape, but store it in the tip of a sandwich bag / small plastic bag.
  • Download the labform
  • Put the tick, along with the filled in form, in an envelope and sen dit to: Pro Health Medical, Postal Box 316, 6000 AH Weert, the Netherlands
  • Do not forget to frank the envelope enough and to send it by regular mail, not signed or with haste.

Monitor the spot you were bitten well for the next 8 weeks. If a red spot appears, immediately go to the general practitioner. Contact your general practitioner even if you have not had a red circle or spots, but you start to suffer from flu-like symptoms.

You can then send the tick to our laboratory to be tested for the Borrelia bacteria. The test can take 10-20 business days after receiving the tick. Due to possible post-evaluation and circumstance, it could be that the results take a little bit longer.

Please don’t forget to download our labform. Without our labform we can’t perform any test.

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