Lyme Disease tests

Lyme’s disease is caused by the Borrelia bacteria. The bacteria can be transfered via tick bites. A tick bite can easily be contracted by taking a walk through a forest or if someone is gardening. Pro Health Medical has very sensitive Lyme’s disease tests. Have you contracted a tick bite and kept the tick? You can send it to us. Go to he page TICK TESTING for more information.

Are you looking for a reliable Borrelia test? Pro Health Medical has been specialized for years in providing laboratory diagnostics for Borrelia and other tick-bite-transmissible diseases. For a Lyme disease test you can go to Pro Health Medical.

What Lyme Diseases Tests are there?

Our laboratory works with several international laboratories for reliable diagnostics of the  Borrelia bacteria. That is why Pro Health Medical has multiple Lyme’s disease tests to offer. Here you can find a brief overview of testing possibilities:

  • 47.01 Borrelia antibodies IgG/IgM SeraSpot ® (blot)
  • 47.45 Borrelia antibodies IgG/IgM TickPlex® Basic
  • 47.02 Borrelia MELISA
  • 47.13 Borrelia and co-infections TickPlex® Plus
  • Antibodies on several co-infections

Would you like to request a test of do you have a patient and would like more information on what tests can be requested? Download the information sheet and roadmap here.

Investigate step-by-step plan

  • LYME BASIC PACKAGE ANTIBODIES: A combination of 2 very sensitive antibody analyses. This research package can be deployed in an early stadium, but also as a possible control after a treatment.
  • MELISA BORRELIA. The MELISA Borrelia test is, at the time, one of the most reliable Lyme’s Disease tests and a very good follow-up if a serologic test (ELISA/Blot) is negative. The MELISA BORRELIA is internationally validated and as of yet 14 studies have been published about the use of MELISA with Borrelia infections. This research can be used with an earlier negative result or for the control after a treatment.
    Additionaly, this test can be used if the complaints and symptoms have been going on for quite a while. The MELISA Borrelia is performed in Germany by a certified partner-laboratory.
  • NEW: Borrelia + Co-infections package Tickplex ® Plus: The TICKPLEX is an IgG / IgM multiplex ELISA that simultaneously Borrelia (with a unique antigen for press), Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Rickettsiae, Coxsackie virus, Epstein -Barr virus, Human parvovirus B19, Mycoplasma fermentans and Mycoplasma pneumoniae antibodies are measured. In the meantime, we all agree that ticks no longer just transfer the Borrelia bacteria . Studies report that ticks more than 80 species of bacteria, parasite, protozoa or virus can carry and transfer to humans. Pro Health Medical has been researching the ticks sent to us for years and in the meantime we have found Rickettsia and Ehrlichia many times besides Borrelia, even the Q fever bacteria. Because individual testing costs a lot of money and it is easier to miss pathogens with “loose” tests , Tezted has developed the TICKPLEX with the support of the Finnish government. </ div>

    TICKPLEX is an innovative way to diagnose complex diseases .

Request B orrelia research

Antibiotics can influence the test results, you should be free from antibiotics and immune suppression for 2-3 months, always consult your practitioner.

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Pro Health Medical advises to request a doctor’s examination at all times! An examination alone is not a diagnosis. The result should always be viewed in relation to the clinical picture.




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