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The Pro Health Medical laboratory has existed since 1991 and is the medical branch of the organisation. It is a laboratory specialised in standard laboratory diagnostics, but also various unique tests. With more than 2000 tests we have a large assortment of research possibilities for nearly every diagnosis. We have been providing laboratory diagnostics for well over 25 years and Pro Health Medical has grown to a medical organisation with contacts over the entire world.


We are a laboratory that wants to help and support patients and practitioners as well as possible in mapping the symptoms and complaints.


We want to support practitioners in mapping the complaints and symptoms, so they can correctly diagnose and offer a fitting treatment plan. Together with the practitioners we wish to work towards great laboratoy diagnostics.


With more than 2000 tests we support practitioners with substantiating their diagnosis so that a better treatment plan can be set up for the patient. Pro Health Medical can offer you the regular diagnostics, but aside from that, has unique tests, among other things, in the field of Lyme (Borrelia and co-infections), ImuPro Food intolerance, Gutflora (microbiome), inflammatory parameters intestine, hormone research in saliva and many many more.
Pro Health Medical does not only have clients in the Netherlands, but throughout the entirety of Europe. The tests can be requested even if you do not live in the Netherlands.

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