Introduction: Pro Health Laboratory is a fully independent organization, working together with similar labs in Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, and the US. The aircraft cabin air tests offered on this site are intended to provide insight into whether a person was exposed to particular neurotoxic constituents of engine oil smoke/fumes on an aircraft (commercial or military). Options include an air sampler card and air pump/filter equipment, as well as a post-incident garment analysis. The blood tests offered on this site may provide insight into whether a person is especially susceptible to the effects of certain neurotoxic constituents of the engine oil fumes (DNA PON1 test), and whether there is objective evidence of damage to the central nervous system (glial autoantibody test).

Disclaimers: These testing methods represent the best science available to characterize exposure, susceptibility, and ill effect during/after exposure to engine oil fumes on aircraft. However, these tests are still in the research phase and may not be deemed definitive in either a court of law or workers’ compensation dispute. The aircraft cabin air tests specifically measure the presence of TCPs (tricresyl phosphates), highly neurotoxic compounds added to almost all aviation engine oils globally. As such, TCPs are a useful chemical marker for aviation engine oil fumes that can contaminate the cabin/cockpit air. The presence of TCPs also implies the presence of many other chemical compounds in oil fumes, many of which are carcinogenic and/or toxic. It should be noted that there are few occupational/public health exposure limits, either for individual constituents of engine oil fumes or for chemical mixtures in oil fumes. Thus, the cabin air tests are an important tool to confirm exposure to oil fumes in the absence of other evidence, but cannot be interpreted in the context of any regulatory limits.



1.)   SamplerCard®: To detect the presence of TCPs, place the card in the direct air current of a ventilation opening, for example on the hook of your chair in front of you. Aircrew may wish to share the costs of a sampler, since you breathe the same air.)

This technology has been validated; order cards in advance via the lab. Cost: € 210 (€15 for card, €195 for subsequent analysis).  Bulk prices are available upon request.

2.)   Sampling pump: Calibrated air sampling pump with a filter to estimate the average concentration of airborne TCPs in the cabin or cockpit during the sampling period. This test method has been validated and certified. Order via the lab. Price quote on request.
     Glial auto-antibodies blood test:
Test developed by Prof. Abou Donia which provides objective evidence of damage to the central and peripheral nervous systems, without the need for brain imaging/spinal tap.  Please note that this test does not elucidate the cause of nervous system damage (i.e., exposure to neurotoxic compounds or something else) but it does confirm the damage which can be helpful.

Request and complete medical consent form/questionnaire from the lab (

Provide 2 times 7ml in a normal tube, preferably spun and serum sent to the lab.  Cost: $520 USD + shipping costs to USA.

Include completed consent form/questionnaire with your blood sample.

     ToCP blood test: Under development; not yet available.


4. TCP- and organofosfate metabolites in urine

Also available now are three packages for urine testing.
1. TCP metabolites in morning urine.
2. Organophosphates metabolites in morning urine.
3. Chemical metabolites from oil and other compounds in morning urine.

Complete sets for sampling and transport are available.
Please contact the lab for kits and prices.

5. Detoxification DNA profile

DNA blood test: Test to assess whether an individual has a genetic predisposition that influences their ability to metabolize toxins, medication or organophoshates, and thus may influence their susceptibility to the toxic effects.

Request and complete medical consent form/questionnaire from the lab (
Provide 5 ml in EDTA or heparin tube.

Ship blood sample to lab without cooling, but ensure that lab will receive sample during business hours Monday – Friday to ensure viability of sample. No deliveries scheduled on weekends, please.

Include completed consent form (mandatory)/questionnaire with your blood sample (optional). Test can only requested by a MD.
Complete medical check based on blood, urine and saliva tests.

Due to the fact that Pro Health Medical has a comprehensive range of test protocols, we can provide pilots and crew with a extensive checkup.
Call us for more information.

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